Sunday, August 3, 2008


It was fun at the lake but without Rylan and Lexie not here it wasn't.But they missed out.The story you r fixing 2 hear is awesome.I stood on the tube.We caught alot of clams.Then we saw a huge turtle head oh it was huge.When we were tubing I jumped on another tube.Then I fell off the tube frontwards and almost died.I almost suffocated. Then I stood on the tube.We sang about Hue.It was so fun I have 2 go.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

ain't nothing but a hound dog

This year on vacation we went to Tennessee. 1st we went to Memphis. We got to see Elvis'house.Did you know that he has a twin brother his name was Jesse Garon Presley but he died when he was a baby.He owned a private jet too but it wasn't as cool as the airplane.It had 3 TVs 2 couches 3 beds and a dining room.Yeah and a 70's style house.Also there were even carpet on the walls and ceiling oh and pink poodles in his bathroom.A purple bed Second we went to Nashville and we got to see Andrew Jackson's house.They showed us the hermitage we saw slave quarters up to ten slaves were in a cottage.Then we went to grand ole opry.We saw Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan. Last thing was country music hall of fame my trip was fun.

Check this out!

Friday, June 13, 2008

beloved turtle

in 2006 i found a box turtle.i decided 2 name him or her Box. Box became my best turtle friend.i always would practice for the turtle race with Box.In 2008 me and box would always play together.Then one day i went to soccer sisi drove me there.Then it started 2 rain it was so bad that my sister could not drive back. we were outside.The next day Bailey was over i was swinging i saw the back of Boxes shell.I said hey theres Box.We went and looked box was dead i screamed BOX IS DEAD.Now every day by his favorite tree.Thats where he is buried.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

my good day

Me,my aunt,Trent,and Zach were going to dell wood it took us like 30 minutes to get there first Trent kept unbuckling and got in trouble and started to scream the coke from Hershel's.we went back to Hershel's got 2 more drinks Zach was wining because his pants got my aunt almost went back to the house then we finally got to the park and rode our bikes then after the ride Zach cried because it was my turn to lead them to the car then Trent choked and threw up.what was I doing the whole time trying to ignore it and have fun.

my fun day.

One day me and my cousin Garrett i have no idea how to spell his name.Anyways we were sneaking down to my cousins Zach's house and he said if we get caught the dogs will eat us.Then a dog was hiding behind a bush and the dog jumped out and went roof me and Garrett screamed all the way home.then we came back Garrett ran into the pole with my camera we were video taping it you see.I said what was that he said it was a dramatic effect.Well come back for more.see ya.

MY B-day

This is em my birthday was April 3rd.I would have got on but I forgot my password.That's why.People say they want to hear more so I tried like 50 times to find out my password.So for my party we ate pizza,we saw nim's island,played mario cart,and rebbecka,me,and haley stayed up til 6.This is what i got 5 more webkinz,hannah montana socks and new pj's,a suitcase,and a chs bear.I loved all of my presents.Thanks guys.Come back for more.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


You want 2 know who the COOLEST FRIENDS in mt.pleasant.They both start with a R.Thats right Rae. .I've actully Got 2 go to bed.................................................bye.............................................................